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In the midst of a storm at sea and with those who were taking him prisoner to be brought before Caesar, before Paul broke bread, he gave thanks (Acts 27); as David rejoiced at the fact that the people followed his example and gave plenty of gold, silver, bronze, iron and precious stones for the building of a temple for the Lord, he gave thanks (I Chronicles 29); and when Jonah spoke that “my soul fainted within me” during his traumatic ordeal in the belly of a whale, he still remembered the Lord and sacrificed to Him with the “voice of thanksgiving.” Only then did the Lord speak to the fish, which subsequently delivered him from what would have been a sure death. (Jonah 2)

In Paul’s example, he thanked God for the food they were about to partake; but I firmly believe there was much more behind his thanksgiving on that particular day. He and the rest of the people aboard the ship had just survived “no small tempest”—in today’s language this would probably be a high category hurricane. In other words, their lives were just spared.

It’s amazing how most people automatically “thank God” when they have escaped some tragedy, or death itself. But how about the every day things that happen to you? What about being thankful that you drove to work with no accidents? Or that you were able to put one foot in front of the other today? Not all people can. If it weren’t for God, you wouldn’t feel the warm rays of the sun; you wouldn’t have that comfortable bed to sleep in each night, or your wonderful spouse who takes care of the things you can’t—constantly; without God you wouldn’t even be able to breathe. Let that sink in …

Everything was made by Him and for Him (Colossians 1:16). So who are we not to be thankful for everything we have? Anything you have is His anyway. He’s just allowing you to be a steward over it for a little while. Let’s think about that in detail for a moment: He owns your bank accounts and all your investments, even the hidden ones “over seas.” (He owns the sea, too). God owns your house and your car. He also owns your clothes, your jewelry, yes, and the make-up too. He is the real creator of that great business idea you just thought of this morning. He gave you the brains you have, remember? He fashioned your body together “fearfully and wonderfully”—‘fearfully’ meaning in awe in this context because when God looks at you, His creation—He’s in awe at His own handiwork. (Psalm 139:14) Now that’s something to be thankful for. When was the last time you simply told God, “Thank You, Lord, for just being You”? And that speaks libraries.

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Daily Devotional: “In Everything, Give Thanks”  was originally published on praisecleveland.com

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