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What are you facing today? Is it a dead-end at work that you’ve given your all on and it still seems you won’t be able to finish? Is it a spouse that you’ve prayed for, for such a long time and it just doesn’t seem he or she will ever come to God? Has a doctor given you a report that is not what you expected and you now feel like all hope is drained from your mind and body? Have you recently received a phone call from a family member that has told you someone in your family is involved in sin . . . again?

Have you been betrayed by someone you trusted that you never thought would ever deceive you? Have you been laid off from work or have you been looking for a job for a very long time? Has your child disconnected from you, walking away from God more and more with every passing day? Do you just need to know that you’re not alone? Then let God encourage you and remind you that He’s working on your case! He says that when you’re in over your head, when the waters of life and people are throwing you and your feelings around, you will not drown! You will not lose your breath and suffocate in your situation! When your circumstances are screaming at you that they will not change, remember God, and you have the last Word! And when it appears that there’s only ONE WAY your situation is going to get better and that way out, or in, is not happening, God will open another door and make another way through!

If you are smothering by what seems to be a dark hole that you are deeply in, then know that God will take your condition of being in that tight, hard place and blast open a new tunnel, a new route and a new way for you! You are never too deep, too low or too far away for Him to grab you, rescue you, free you, or change you and your circumstances. His Grace is amazing. You are most definitely not too far for Him to save you, the ones around you and conditions facing you.

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