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Can you believe Shana snagged two tickets for Black Girl in the CLE to attend the most anticipated summer party in Cleveland the day before it happened?

Honestly, I couldn’t.



The 9th annual Solstice celebration took place last Saturday at the Cleveland Museum of Art with a sold out crowd of 6000. Tickets went on sale in May, and sold out in little over a day.



What makes this one of the best parties in Cleveland to me is the perfect mix of art and music.

The Cleveland Museum of Art, especially since its renovation was completed a few years ago, is unique destination and experience. While at the party, Shana and I toured a few of the galleries and the Black in America exhibit. It provided a little reprieve from the revelling to soak in one of the museum’s treasures and add a special touch to the night.

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And of course, there was the music. One of the reasons why I love this party so much is because of the not-so-typical bands that perform. Every Solstice party that I’ve attended has featured cutting-edge musical guests. Bands and performers that I’d never heard of, but enjoyed immensely. Dancing is the only option when hearing eclectic sounds from around the world played with unconventional instruments, usually with some type of multimedia, interesting performance or display in the background. Check out the musical guests from this year’s gala.


Batida performing on stage


It was Shana’s first time attending and she wasn’t sure what to expect. She knew there would be live music, various attractions, food, and drinks, but I think she was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience.



There’s always next year and time to prepare for Solstice 2018. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Become a member of the Cleveland Museum of Art now. One of the many perks of membership is access to the Solstice tickets as soon as they are released.
  2. Plan your Solstice outfit accordingly and in advance. Shana noted the different fashion statements being made from elegant evening attire to casual and fun. For me, comfortable shoes are in order.


3. Have a budget to purchase food and drink tickets. We each purchased 20 tickets for $12 and ate and drank well. We opted for the chicken fried rice, which was tasty. I even purchased a glass of wine from the premium bar, which had top shelf options.



4. Arrive in enough time to take it all in. Gallery tours, band performances inside and out, hula hoopers, food & drink balloon art, video art, partygoers, etc. made for an extraordinary night to celebrate the arrival of summer. I’m glad that we weren’t “fashionably late” so that we could experience it all.



5. Plan to go with friends or a date. I went to my first Solstice party in 2010 solo. I had a ball, but subsequent years I bought a group of tickets to share with my friends. Shana and I noted that this would have been a greater time if all of Black Girl in CLE attended. Next year we plan on it!



Did you attend Solstice 2017? What was your favorite thing about the party? Are you planning to attend next year? If so, what preparations are you making? Share with us in the comments below or on one of our social media channels.

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