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Many people have experienced it. And if you haven’t, you’ve seen others endure it. There is never a convenient or good time for your vehicle to break down or stop functioning properly. It’s frustrating, restricting, and conjures up nothing more than a feeling of helplessness. Particularly for people like me who are significantly challenged with anything automotive, I am powerless to resolve the situation. What do I do? I call in help. I call the automotive roadside assistance. I call family and friends. I call the closest dealer for my vehicle. I know my limitations and understand that without placing a call, I’ll stay stuck right where I am.

God has constructed life the same way. He’s constructed life in a way that mandates that we have people to call and connect with when life puts us down. And because satan knows that God has assembled our lives to only work when we have the right people around us, he causes us to go to extremes in our need to be connected to people. We either connect with the wrong people or we alienate ourselves and disconnect from everyone all together. In either case, it’s dangerous and renders us ineffective to really get where we’re going.

Ephesians 5:15-21 shows us that it is both wise and spiritual to mutually submit to others who are also attempting to grow and develop as faithful followers of Christ.

Many times I cringe because I hear many ministers and teachers of God’s Word declare, “You don’t need anybody else but Jesus.” This is totally opposite to God’s Word. We’ve got to fight to walk in obedience to God’s instruction for accountability, quality relationships and progressive connections.

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