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Man With Bible and Drama

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What a day that Jesus was having on this day!  He had just got back from on top of the mountain with Peter, James and John. The Glory of God was upon Jesus and The Bible says that He was transfigured right before the disciple’s eyes!  He got to see His friends, Moses and Elijah and He had a glorious time being encouraged by them.  (See Mark 9:2-13).  Jesus comes back off that mountain and He finds the rest of the disciples arguing with the teachers of the law.  Then a man, a father approaches Jesus and tells Him that his son is demon possessed and it would throw him to the ground and make him gnash his teeth and become rigid.  The father explains that he asked the disciples to drive out the demon, but they could not.  (I am sure that the condition of their hearts in arguing with the officials, stole all the power and love that they could have used to set this young man free!)

Jesus then asks the father how long had his son been like this.  The father answers that he had been like this since he was a boy.  And the father continues to say to Jesus, BUT IF YOU CAN DO ANYTHING, TAKE PITY ON US AND HELP US.  Now, Jesus knew the answer to the question he asked the father, didn’t he?  So, why ask the question?  Because He was trying to get that daddy to say something that He could use!  For directly after the father says to Jesus, BUT IF YOU CAN DO ANYTHING, TAKE PITY ON US AND HELP US, Jesus then replies right back to the father, IF YOU CAN, SAID JESUS!   Are you seeing this?  Jesus was telling the father that He was waiting on HIM . . .  IF YOU CAN!

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Daily Devotional: “If You Can”  was originally published on praisecleveland.com