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Article By Alena Dupré // EEW Magazine

I read an interesting article about a shipwreck recently. The Montclair, a ship carrying seven

crew members that ran aground in a severe storm in 1927, emerged from the sands of Cape

Cod’s Atlantic coastline near Nauset Beach in November.

People were—and still are—quite fascinated with the remnants left of the ship because it gives

them a view of history.

As I read about The Montclair, I thought about how, sometimes, we face storms in life that

leave us shipwrecked. But, by God’s grace, despite the storm, we survive.

So then, what does a shipwreck look like when it happens in everyday life?

The money runs out, and you don’t know what to do; your loved one falls sick and the doctors

can’t tell you why; your business fails, despite all your hard work to keep it afloat.

In seasons like this, things may look hopeless, but I challenge you to see your troubles from a

different perspective.

The money may be gone, but there’s still food on the table, and God’s provision hasn’t run out

yet. Your family member may be sick, but they’re alive, which means God can still heal them.

Your business may have failed, but that just means you can start a better one using the

lessons you learned.

The storm couldn’t finish you off because God still has work for you to do. God didn’t let the

shipwreck wreck you.

A great biblical example of this is found in Acts 27:27-41 when Paul was shipwrecked.

Beforehand, the Lord assured him that he and his shipmates would survive, because Paul still

had work to do for the Lord (Acts 27:23-2).

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