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This week’s topic: God’s Guidance

“Because I said so.” Those four words were about the most abrupt –yet most profound– explanation I would receive as a child, when instructed by my parents or grandparents to do something. As a matter of fact, usually by the time I heard those words, it was because I had exhausted their patience with my “why-ning” (smile) and was skating mighty close to some disciplinary action!

Aren’t we a lot like that with our Heavenly Father sometimes too? The evidence is everywhere as we see common breakdowns in our Christian faith: church splits, confusion, moral plummeting, folks going rogue, and perhaps the saddest of all, believers in general living less than victorious, effective, forward-moving lives. Why? Because instead of heeding God’s instructions the first time around, we often instead go on a geocaching expedition in hopes of unearthing some exemption clause from having to be obedient. Whew…that was a mouthful. But it’s true. Why can’t we just do what He says? After all, He IS God…

Our whole lives, we wrestle with that all-important inquiry, “Why am I here? Why do I exist?” And the answer is just as matter-of-fact as the “Because I said so” we heard from our parents. We are here to achieve God’s purposes, pure and simple. No one is born without a reason. No one is without a Divine purpose. When we sidestep God’s plan, however, and go after our own agenda, is when we see every defining trait we’ve been given turn into something angry, corrupt, vile, perverse. Example? A man of ingenuity and powerful leadership skills becomes a Jim Jones or an Adolf Hitler. I realize that these are the absolute worst-case scenarios, but imagine what could have been if these men would have surrendered their hearts and gifts to God instead of to the enemy. The Apostle Peter was a loudmouthed hothead whose aggressive nature got him into more than one pickle. Yet when his outspoken passion got sanctified by the Holy Ghost, he became the emboldened herald of Pentecost, who preached like he was on fire…because he was! This is what happens when we allow God to harness the best and worst of our nature and guide us in HIS direction.

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article courtesy of TheStreamingFaith.com

Daily Devotional: “Because I Said So”  was originally published on praisecleveland.com