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Jamie Grace

via FirstLadyB:

Jamie Grace has released a new single and video for “Wait It Out” inspired by her husband Aaron Collins, whom, when she wrote it, she hadn’t even met yet.  In a special treat, Jamie uses footage from her April wedding in the video for the new single.

Jamie says, “I wrote this song about Aaron nearly 4 years agoI hadn’t met him yet! And I had no idea when I would. I knew that I would someday fall in love and wanted to write a song that could hold my heart until then. I was sitting on the couch in my room playing the same three notes over and over and randomly starting to sing, “all the girls with no ring on their hand, gonna… wait it out cause we can, yes we can…” As I wrote the song, the lyrics started off as a fun melody to sing but gradually became a source of confidence.

The singer, who married Aaron April 14th in Georgia continued,

My sister had been married for a few years and I wanted to write about how I was happy for her, desired to be married someday, but wanted to celebrate my “singlehood” and never settle for less. For years I hoped to release this song but somehow it never worked out. I would play it for friends and even sometimes on tour, but it never made it to an album. When I got engaged, I was nervous that releasing a song about being single wouldn’t make sense, but I knew that either way I wanted to have it for myself. A few weeks before the wedding, my (now husband) Aaron and I went to the studio to re-record my vocals. Contrary to the upbeat music and heavy bass line, I almost started crying the second I started singing. While I wrote this song about being single, nothing on this Earth has brought me greater joy than marrying Aaron.


Jamie Grace Releases “Wait It Out” Containing Footage From Her Wedding  was originally published on praisecleveland.com