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Did you know that it took approximately 30 years for the Black community to reach the movie industry? Stephin Fetchit was the first black man to have earned screen credit, right before Hattie McDaniel who was the first Black woman to win the Academy Award.

Twenty-four years later Sidney Poitier became the first black man to win the same prestigious award.

The black community has been working hard over the decades to prove themselves. In the 70’s we had Superfly and in the 80’s we were bestowed with Purple Rain and Do the Right Thing. Eddie Murphy, although, was a wonderful exception who made it to the highest ranks using the traditional pathways.

We’ve seen these black superstars push the boundaries for a long time, and decided to compile our very own list of the best black movies that you absolutely cannot miss out on. We hope you enjoy our list!

Menace 2 Society (1993)

You’ve probably seen the movie Boyz N the Hood. Well, this movie is along the very same lines in terms of its content but somehow better. The movie proves to be effectively cathartic when you see a child grow up from a point where he was already destroyed, but doesn’t let that destruction define his future.

After this movie, you’ll begin to feel a random sense of hope, which is exactly every fan of this movie felt.

The Wood (1999)

Without ruining this movie for you with spoilers, let’s just say that this movie is a tale about all the ‘first times’ in our lives. It has its lighthearted moments and for bonus points, try to watch it with your best friends. You’ll be even more tightly knit after watching this timeless movi

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