Can church employees work at one church and worship at another?
• If the church can’t meet all of your spiritual and relational needs, do you expect it to meet the needs of others?
• Does your role impede your ability to relate to the community because you are placing too much weight on your responsibilities?
• Can you really fulfill your role well without being fully involved in that community?
• Is your perception of the church as employer something that needs to be fixed or fled from?
While Avery ultimately objects to the idea of having two church homes–one for work, one for growing–there are some church administrative assistants who would advocate for this situation.
A few of our readers find it very difficult to work as an administrative assistant and worship at the same church. Here are their concerns:
“Sometimes I miss out on fellowship because I am running around helping.”
“It’s difficult to worship uninterrupted at church.”
“At first I didn’t find it hard to attend worship on Sundays, but as time went by people started seeing me as ‘the secretary’ anywhere they saw me. As it became a problem, my pastor talked to the Deacons, Elders, and other church leaders to get their support. I am learning to just ask them to call me in the office on Monday, e-mail me, or leave a voice mail. It continues to be a challenge at times to balance my work life with worship.”

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