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via Wkyc:

Temperatures are expected to drop below zero this week — and that could lead to icy buildup on your vehicle if it’s left outside in the frigid weather.

We checked out a few cold weather tips that may help if you have to park your car outside. Most of the items below can be found in your home or during a quick trip to the store.

1. Homemade deicer: Mix of isopropyl alcohol (2/3 cup) and water (1/3 cup) and gently pour it into a spray bottle for an even application on your windshield.

2. Prevention: Cut a potato or onion in half and rub it on your windows and windshield. The sugars from the vegetables will help create a barrier and prevent ice from forming.

3. Put a zip lock bag (one gallon size) over your side mirrors to protect it from icy buildup.

4. Place a mat or towel on your windshield and knee-high socks on your windshield wipers can help to prevent ice from forming on the surface.

5. No ice scraper? No problem. Try a credit card.

Follow the link below for more cold weather tips for your car.

LOCAL NEWS: Warm Up: Cold Weather Car Tips  was originally published on praisecleveland.com

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