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Editorial - Close-up of a Detroit police vehicle with flashing lights

Source: Douglas Sacha / Getty

The trending news has been the Polar Vortex the past few days.  People have been asked to stay out of the cold, schools have been closed, mail delivery has been slowed down and trash pickups have been stopped.  The freezing temperatures have been to blame for fires that couldn’t be put out as well as about 15 deaths.  So you would think that a person that is paid to protect our lives, you know protect and serve would do just that.  But one police officer in Detroit decided taking to his social media to show how he put a young woman’s life in danger over a minor traffic stop was entertaining.  Instead of helping keep lives warm, he has heated up our disgust.

A white Detroit police officer, Corporal Gary Steele, pulled over, 24 year old, Ariel Moore, for having expired license plates.  He then proceeded to have her walk home then video taped her on his own SNAP CHAT captioned  ‘What Black Girl Magic Looks Like’ and ‘Celebrating Black History Month’.  In the video you can hear Steele say “Bye Felicia” as the young woman is walking away.

The 18 year veteran that has had issues in the past has been placed on administrative leave and demoted from his rank.

See the officers SNAP Chat video below

Detroit Police Officer SNAP Chat’s ‘What Black Girl Magic Looks Like’!?  was originally published on wzakcleveland.com