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via BreatheCast:

Casey J. shares about her new music, how God has been molding her, and some of her favorite things in life with BREATHEcast!

Which song on your album is your favorite and why? Tell us the story behind that song!

Oh, Come On!!! You know this is like asking a parent about their favorite child… ;) I think each song speaks to such a beautiful part of the consistent nature of God. This is a hard one. Hmmm…

I don’t know that I can select a favorite, but I really enjoy the title track. “The Gathering” is actually a musical expression of a prayer that I used to pray anytime I mounted a platform. As a worship leader we often deal with what the “people” are expecting. I know from experience that this is a dark, dark endless hole.

I used to pray “God please help me not to manage the expectations of others but to simply put the focus on you.” So “The Gathering” is simply an invitation for all who have come together to submit their intentions and agendas to the Holy Spirit. It’s also an invitation of welcome for the Holy Spirit to reveal Himself in all of our gatherings

What is your favorite song to perform and why?

This may be a bit of a premature answer considering the record is so new and we are just now introducing new songs in our worship set. However, “1,000 Hallelujahs” is quickly becoming such a joy to lead. I think it really provides clear revelation to the gift of CORPORATE worship. In a culture that seems to place so much emphasis on independence and autonomy, setting a goal that can only be accomplished with others in worship seems to highlight what we know is the will of God – community.

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