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The Smiths are currently on vacation in Greece, and Will Smith was witness to his wife, Jada, and daughter, Willow, having a cute beauty moment.

The mother-daughter duo partook in the age-old tradition of moisturizing and greasing one’s scalp. In the video posted on Instagram, Willow can be seen greasing her mother’s scalp while they are on a beautiful boat.

They even talk about the products they use, and we find out that Jada uses a combination of argan oil, Dr. Bronner’s and tea tree oil on her scalp.

Willow co-signed the tea tree oil, saying that “it helps alot”.

Meanwhile, Will is in the background cracking jokes, including play-critiquing them for greasing their scalps in Greece.

The ladies, to say the least, were not amused.

We love this family!


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