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Neighborhood Karen confronts innocent black man

Source: Twitter

Another Karen felt the need the surveil a Black person over a minuscule situation, and now a neighborhood is rallying behind him.

According to Denver7, a white woman was following and questioning the Black man in a Colorado neighborhood near Cranmer Park, and the whole incident was caught on video.

The woman who recorded the incident identified herself by her first name, Beth, and she posted it on social media causing the incident to go viral. It shows the white woman following after the Black man and questioning him about a picture. The man responds to the woman, saying, “You’re not having a conversation with me then. You’re interrogating me.”

Eventually, when the man tries to end the conversation, the woman loses her temper, yelling, “You f**khead, get out of here.” The person recording tries to advocate for the man, yelling “Let him walk!” and “He’s not bothering you.”

Beth says the woman was harassing the guy, which is why she recorded a video of the incident.

“I just want people to know that it’s happening,” Beth said. “I don’t want people to have an excuse for ignorance anymore. Racism is still real, it’s still everywhere and I’m a white person with a camera, so when I see it, I have to call it out.”

Eventually, the video started spreading across the Internet, with attorney Benjamin Crump tweeting it out and writing:

We can’t even walk in a neighborhood without being harassed… REMEMBER: If you are witnessing hate crime or racial harassment/violence, FILM IT. We must work together to fight against the evils of racism!! #LivingWhileBlack.”


Denver7 talked to the woman in the clip and she said she didn’t want to have her name used. She claims that she saw the guy take various photos of her home and she was concerned that they would be used for a crime. When asked if she would’ve reacted differently if the person taking pictures was white, she said race didn’t play a role in her questioning. She argues that she had every right to ask why the guy was taking pictures of her home.

However, Beth argued that the neighborhood is beautiful and picture-taking is common.

“He is in a public space, he took a picture; people do that all the time,” Beth said. “It’s a movement right now where we need to prove that Black people are harassed for no good reason. It’s a time where we need to have evidence to back up what we are saying.”

Beth said she asked if the guy was okay after the encounter. She said his response was, “I’m OK. It happens a lot.”

The viral incident caused protesters to meet in the Hilltop neighborhood near Crammer Park to snap photos of homes, similar to how the Black man in the viral video snapped photos. According to 9News, a woman believed to be the one in the viral video hired armed private security to keep protestors off her property. The protest organizers made it clear that nobody was supposed to go on private property, however. Their main goal was to bring awareness to the situation.

“Seeing a young Black man being yelled at, yelled slurs at, is something that makes everybody uncomfortable,” explained one protestor to 9News.


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