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Five States Hold Primaries As Pandemic Continues In America

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A Georgia businesswoman who was exposed for racist, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic videos has now secured the GOP nomination for a congressional seat. The long list of comments she made in her video include arguing that racism doesn’t exist, comparing Black Lives Matter protestors to the KKK, and arguing that if she were Black, she would be “proud” of Confederate monuments.

Marjorie Taylor Greene beat out neurosurgeon John Cowan in a primary runoff election on Tuesday for a deep-red Northwest Georgia district. Along with her racist views, Greene is also a pro-Donald Trump supporter and subscriber to the QAnon conspiracy theory.

According to POLITICO, Greene self-funded a lot of her campaign herself and she won the first round of the primary by a 19-point margin. Since then, Greene has faced criticism after POLITICO uncovered hours of videos where she degrades Black people, Muslims and Jews with offensive comments.

In one video, she denounced Black Lives Matter activists as “idiots,” and grouped them together with the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis members who marched at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Greene further rejected commentary that there are racial disparities in the United States or that skin color affects the “quality” of one’s life. “Guess what? Slavery is over,” she said. “Black people have equal rights.”

When POLITICO requested comment on the videos at the time they were uncovered, Greene’s campaign manager Isaiah Wartman didn’t deny their accuracy, however, he declined to elaborate.

In another video, Greene said unemployment was simply the product of “bad choices” and being “lazy.” She then argued that Black people are held back in society by gangs, drugs, Planned Parenthood, abortions and a lack of education, “not white people.”

“I know a ton of white people that are as lazy and sorry and probably worse than black people,” she said. “And that has everything to do with their bad choices and their personal responsibility. That is not a skin-color issue.” Greene even went as far as to imply Black women have it easier because of affirmative action. She complained that they are more likely to be accepted into a college than a white male if they have the same GPA.

Friendly reminder that Greene is a wealthy white businesswoman making these arguments. Another proclamation she made in one of her videos: “The most mistreated group of people in the United States today are white males.”

In one of the videos, Greene also vehemently defended Confederate statues, saying that if she were a Black person, she would be “proud” to view a Confederate monument “because I’d say, ‘Look how far I have come in this country.’”

In another rant, Greene accused Democrats of “trying to keep the black people in a modern-day form of slavery” and pointed out that black Republicans get called “coon” and “Uncle Toms” by liberal black voters.

“It’s a slavery system to keep their vote,” she argued.

Along with the demeaning and anti-Black comments, Greene also condemned Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar for being sworn into office with the Koran: “No! You have to be sworn in on the Bible.” She added, “There is an Islamic invasion into our government offices right now.” On top of all this, Greene also called George Soros, a Jewish Democratic megadonor, a “Nazi.”

All the recordings, which were intended for Greene’s social media followers, were taped direct-to-camera. The dates for the recordings were not clear, however, POLITICO reports that they seem to have been recorded between late 2017 and early 2019.

Certain House Republicans have condemned Greene’s comments but have done little to stop her. For example, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Rep. Tom Emmer, who chairs the House Republican campaign arm, took the rare move to disavow Greene’s candidacy. However, McCarthy later declared himself neutral in the runoff race.

In June, McCarthy called Greene’s comments “appalling” and he said he had “no tolerance for them.” But when August came around, McCarthy said he had a good relationship with both Greene and her Republican primary opponent, Cowan. This caused him to stay neutral in the race. According to POLITICO, the National Republican Congressional Committee followed a similar path and only House Minority Whip Steve Scalise actively worked on Cowan’s behalf.

Meanwhile, Greene has taken all the public criticism lightly by playing the victim card.

“The GOP establishment, the media, & the radical left, spent months & millions of dollars attacking me,” she said in a tweet after her Tuesday win. “Tonight the people of Georgia stood up & said that we will not be intimidated or believe those lies.”


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