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Crime Scene

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Patience is a virtue, but unfortunately in the new millennium, virtue is far and few in-between.

How many times have you ran to the store in between doing other things, in a hurray, only to grab your items, go to the check out line and it seems you end up waiting two years for one little item.  It can be frustrating, however would you kill someone for making you wait just a few minutes longer?  Is your time worth more than someone else’s life?  The answer should be absolutely not but sadly for a 32 year old Euclid father, Jerry Saffo, someone thought their time was worth more than his life.

According to a report Mr. Saffo got into an argument with a cashier over his transaction, which held the line up at the checkout.  Security went to escort Mr. Saffo out the store.  An unknown man approached Mr. Saffo mad that Saffo held up the line.  An argument started, a fist was thrown and Jerry Saffo, who was shopping with his fiancé and children was shot and killed.  Read More

If you know something please say something.  We will be keeping the family of Jerry Saffo uplifted in our prayers.

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Euclid Man Killed For Holding Up The Line In A Local Store  was originally published on wzakcleveland.com