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When we walk into our offices on a daily basis, we know and expect to hear the gripes from someone about how they hate the job they are currently doing.

Sometimes when you’ve had enough of your job, you just walk into your manager’s office and give your two weeks. Others decide to be a bit spontaneous like the JetBlue employee who had enough of his occupation as a steward, er, flight attendant and decided to terminate his employment in an unorthodox fashion.

After getting into an argument with a passenger after he got hit on the head with a bag placed in the overhead compartment, Steven Slater  announced via loudspeaker that they can ‘take this job and shove it’ and proceeded to exit the plane. But he didn’t exit the conventional way, but through the emergency exit and slid down the tarmac skipping away merrily into the sunset! Well, maybe not the sunset, but you get the idea!

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When this story broke, everyone was talking about it and how shocked and proud they were of him.

Everyone wished they had a little Steve Slater in them. Let’s be real – how many times have you wanted to walk up to your boss and tell him how you truly feel – and then end it by telling him/her to kiss your ass? Yes, I know that feeling all too well!

Unfortunately, as much as most of us would like to do something as liberating as what Slater did, the economy won’t allow us to make a bold move like that; and as you can see from the Omar Thornton shooting, it could also be a bad thing when a frustrated employee has had enough.

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In the future, instead of looking at the negative aspects of what both examples did, employers would be smart to start treating their employees much better. It’s terrible that most companies see employees as liabilities and not assets. These same people were assets when they were first hired, but when you treat anyone poorly, there’s a chance that there will be a disgruntled party. Since the company literally holds the purse strings, it will be the overworked, underpaid employee.

A few years ago, when the economy was better, companies valued us for the most part. But now, since jobs are few and far in between, most companies have the mindset of: ‘Hey, be lucky you have a job!’ That’s never a good approach.

You get more out of people when you treat them like, um, people! This is such a common trend that I am really surprised there aren’t more people demanding their bosses and/or companies kiss their ass!

So, hopefully, these corporate heads are reading the news, browsing the internet and are starting to take the initiative to show their staff that they have value. Those in the suits and corner offices tend to forget who helps them afford those clothes and have that nice view overlooking the city. If anyone at JetBlue had a clue about what was going on where their brand makes their mark, we surely wouldn’t know Steve Slater and this article would have probably never been written.

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