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An elderly Black woman filed a suit against three Oklahoma City Police Department officers after she claimed they broke her arm while serving an arrest warrant for her mentally ill son.

“I know it was God that spared my life,” Ruby Jones, 74, said according to The Oklahomian. “I won’t forget this. The pain, the agony.”

In the suit filed on Tuesday, Jones alleges that the three officers, Dan Bradley, Ryan Staggs and James Ray, unlawfully entered her home and violated her civil rights by using excessive force, resulting in painful injuries.

Bodycam video released in February showed the officers walking up to Jones’ home on August 24, claiming they were there to arrest her son Chauncey Jones, 43. As Jones attempts to ask to see the warrant, the officers force their way inside.

“Let me see your f—–g hands,” an officer says.

Officers contend that they were called to the home due to the younger Jones issuing a bomb threat to a nearby behavioral center. However, in their report, police say that the transfer attendant who took the call heard him say he was not going to blow up the building moments before he hung up.

Jones, however can be heard begging officers not to harm her son, whom she states suffers from bipolar disorder. She also states that he is not in possession of a weapon.

“We don’t know that,” an officer says to her.

“Well I do!” she said in response.

An officer warns that she will be placed in a patrol car and one officer forcibly grabs her by the arm. As he handcuffs her and alleges that she’s resisting arrest, she screams in pain while falling to the ground. An officer leads her to the patrol car and she again states that her son is unarmed.

“I just told you that he didn’t have a gun and I didn’t want you to shoot him. I see the news and all the time and that’s all they do.”

“No it’s not, that’s not all they do,” the officer says in response. “You are misinformed.”

“You don’t care nothing about Black people,” said as the officer urges her to walk to the car.

Prior to her getting inside of a car, an officer can be heard saying “Folks throwing knives,” to which Jones states that she did nothing of the sort. In their report, police claim when they entered the residence a knife was “thrown with such force it sounded like a gunshot had gone off inside of the house.”

“I’m not a violent person,” she says to the officers.

The officers named in the suit remain on duty, according to The Oklahomian. The police department will not comment on the case due to the pending litigation.

“It’s unconscionable what happened to her,” Jones’ attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons told reporters this week. “It’s just unbelievable that they can take a person, a nonviolent grandmother, and treat her and talk to her the way that they did. It’s infuriating, actually, every time I think about it.”.

“We know for a fact that would not have happened to a white grandmother, Solomon-Simmons continued. “We know for a fact that would not have happened in a white neighborhood.”

In the suit Jones doesn’t ask for a specified amount but Jones, along with community members, have asked that all three officers be terminated and the resignation of the police chief, as well as a Justice Department probe into the incident.


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