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Shot of a little girl about to eat a waffle

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What is going on at these schools!?  You send your child to school to learn with the thought that your child will be safe.  Unfortunately with school shootings on the rise parents already feel a little apprehensive, but what happens when the one person who you leave your child with, the teacher or the principal is the one that harms/bullies them?

You file a lawsuit, right?

The mother of a student in Lorain, Ohio who’s child attends Palm Elementary School has reportedly filed a federal lawsuit against Lorain City Schools, which alleges that the principal of the elementary school forced her 9 year old child to eat food retrieved from a garbage can in the cafeteria.   According to the lawsuit that has been filed the 9 year old told the school’s principal that she did not like the waffles then asked for something else instead then allegedly the principal told the little girl to finish what was on her tray but the little girl threw away the waffles.  Another staff member then pulled the waffles from the trash and forced the young girl to finish eating them.

The lawsuit also states that the child is frightened, embarrassed and feeling physically ill, and she has since needed mental health treatment.  Cleveland attorney Jared Klebanow who is representing the family had this to say:

“The child is afraid of their school, doesn’t want to eat lunch at school,…I think she will have trouble trusting educators and administrators moving forward.”

A Lorain City Schools spokesperson said two staff members have been placed on leave while they investigate what happened.

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