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Reginae Carter Dishes On Confidence, Her New Fitness Line, And How She Deals With The Haters

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Reginae Carter’s confidence should be bottled up and sold to women everywhere. The 23-year-old daughter to rap legend and lyrical genius Lil Wayne and businesswoman Toya Johnson knows exactly who she is and doesn’t let negativity taint her journey. She’s taken that confidence, combined with determination, and developed a creative lane for herself that includes her new athleisure line I Fit In, her hit show Social Society, and her acting career that is steadily on the rise. 

We sat down with Carter to dish on her latest business ventures, how she handles the haters, and the inspiration behind her brand I Fit In. Check out our interview!


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HelloBeautiful: Thank you for chatting with us today on Hellobeautiful. How you doing today?

Reginae Carter: I’m great. Thank you for having me. I’m great. How are you?

HB: Good. Your hair. It looks fabulous. Thank you. Thank you. Good. So we’re here to talk about a bunch of things. But first one is start off with your show. Social society is now in season two, what has it been like filming that?

RC: It’s actually been a great, it’s actually been a great experience. Me and my other co hosts, which is Kendall Kyndall, Kendra G. and Angela Simmons, we, you know, we are at different flavors to the show, and just to get to be a part of something, and be able to be on another on the other side for one. So, you know, I’m usually the one get in. So to be able to do that I feel like I have, I have a little respect for so it’s like, it’s like, you could trust me? I know. I know. You know,

HB: Yeah. How does it feel being on other side, like now that like, you know, the trust is there, but like, Do you have a different type of respect for the whole interviewing process?

RC: Yes. You know, being on the other side, I know how it is on the other side, and I know how it’s like, oh, you know, I don’t know what I’m going to be asked or whatever, this and that. So that’s, like, that’s what I like about social society. Because social society, we warm you up. It’s like a big family. No, we play games. We ask you, whatever you’re comfortable with. You know, it’s like, it’s the big family. I know how it is to be caught off guard, or anything like that. So I’m not the one doing it. You know?

HB: Yeah. Yeah. Well, our readers absolutely adore you. They love you. They always want to know what you’re doing what you’re wearing. And so I want to ask with this upcoming spring and summer season, what is your spring fashion vibe? What are you bringing this this season?

RC: Okay, first, let me say I just dropped a fitness line called I fit in. And basically the line caters to you know, all shapes and sizes. And really, it’s not just like a regular fitness line. You know, you can wear it outside. Should I just wore mine yesterday, and I did not go to the gym. But that’s definitely going to be in my wardrobe. But also, I feel like I’ve never had a surprise because I never have a set thing on what I’m gonna wear. I’m usually like, Okay, I woke up today, how do I feel? So what I’m doing, okay, cool. So stay tuned, because, you know, see.

HB: So what was the inspiration behind the line?

RC: So I feel like it’s such a crime to fit in nowadays, like everybody feels like they got to look a certain way to be noticed. So it’s beautiful. And I wanted to bring a line where no, like, you know, we all fit in we’re all beautiful. We all can look fine and look beautiful and fit in you know, and I fit in so I say because there’s so many I see so many people judging me on what I do and what I didn’t do. And I just got I just started along where it’s like, just black all the haters, black all what everybody else has to say no, I fit in because I’m beautiful. And whatever I put

HB: you brought up something that’s so important. Just not only the need for people to want to fit in, but you do get criticized a lot. And you remain a very, like, you know, Sagittarius energy very fiery very, I don’t give up What you got to say. How do you deal with with the haters and the naysayers?

RC: Um, I don’t deal with them. No, no, but um, I feel like you know, I’m very confident like, you know, I feel like every female has their slog so what they don’t like about them or something that they want to change or whatever, me I take that in and try to love it you know, because I feel like this is me like I can’t Yeah, I can change it but I don’t want to like nothing that nothing else you know, I did move. You can’t like I feel like as my as far as like me, my personality, my the way that I stand and what I stand for. I can’t change that. And I just wake up and I pray to God one because that’s the only person that I want to be loved from really like I mean, everybody else i i do want them to love me, but that’s the person upstairs. That’s why I’m trying to please so it’s like, I know in my in my heart and truth and I’m sure To the myself, I don’t care about what everybody else has to

HB: That is beautiful. And I feel like a lot of women go their whole life before they actually learn that lesson. You’re so young. And you embody that what what was the cause of that?

RC: My mom My mom and my dad I was saying My dad always like no matter what I don’t know what music whatever whatever no matter what my dad has always told me not a day go by your beautiful hip like your worth to you this like he’s always put it to your man say that already a man that that’s my first love my father’s my first love. So he set the tone. I don’t need nobody else to tell me like I was raised hearing that. I’m beautiful hearing that. I’m smart hearing that. I’m educated hearing that. So it’s like whoever else says Like if you say otherwise, like oh my gosh. But but it’s just that my mom always keeps me on my toes just also still raising me to be that beautiful young ladies keeping keep keep me up on everything it is to be a beautiful, classy young lady. She keeps me on my toes with that. So I will have to thank my parents for that.

HB: That’s nice. That’s nice. And then you have a little sister that you can raise the same

RC: She already oh my gosh, she’s already she has the confidence right now. That is like mom I think is you I think you gave it like a mini me like

HB: Oh, yes. That’s very good. That’s very good. So to switch gears just a little bit what are I guess maybe your top three products that you cannot leave the house without?

RC: Okay, well, I will have to say like a cute little lip. Like I love a clear lip. You know, nothing too crazy. Nothing too. One too. Um What else? I like individual lashes. But if I don’t have them I will love I do keep me like a little lash pouch. Like some so I don’t look a little bald up there. Because, you know, I usually I’m a pretty natural girl. I don’t really wear a lot of makeup and stuff like that. Only when I’m doing like interviews and stuff like that. But oh, a comb or brush or something have to hear. Right.

HB: Yeah, I’m really loving that here because some beautiful girl. Alright, last question. What is coming up next for you? What does the rest of the year look like? What kind of projects are you working on? Movies. I know you’ve been dabbling in the acting what’s what’s happening? Okay, well,

RC: I just shot my first lead role movie last year. It’s called boxed in so it should be dropped in sometime this year. So stay tuned for that. I also just shot a short film. I was believed in that too. And it should is strapping on BT her so stay tuned for that. Also, I have a couple of things that I just auditioned for that I booked for so I can’t say too much because you know in acting your habits today junk habits you know, just stay tuned. I’m really busy with all that also just start my fitness line. Just working on just dropping more dope pieces for that. And social society.

HB: Nice Nice, nice. Well, best of luck to you with all the movies in the works in the fitness line and social society and we will definitely catch you on the flip side.

RC: Thank you. Thank you for having me.


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