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148th Kentucky Derby

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In today’s episode of Right-Wingers Say The Darndest Things—But Then Tey Gotta Pretend They Ain’t Say That Sh*t, Eric Reed, the trainer of Rich Strike, the horse who won the Kentucky Derby, is now in a race to distance himself from a sexist tweet he posted about Vice President Kamala Harris

According to the New York Post, it all started in January when Sebastian Gorka, a former advisor to former commander-in-election-loss-tantrums Donald Trump, asked what feeble and fragile white men ask whenever Black women reach positions of power: “So what exactly are Kamala’s qualifications?” In response, Reed tweeted, “Heard she’s good on her knees!!”

So, now Reedwho goes by the handle @daddyrabbit, (there’s a joke about rabbits being good on their knees and calling Reed “daddy” in there somewhere, but damned if I’m going to make it)—appears to have set his account to private. Not only that, but he appears to have deleted the tweet—from his brain.

“I haven’t seen anything about it,” Reed told ESPN’s John Barr when asked about the tweet during an appearance on Outside the Lines. “Haven’t been told about it. I don’t know what’s going on out there. I’m more concerned with Richie and what’s going on with us, and this great horse, and how much he’s helping everybody. So, there’s haters out there, and that’s about how I’m gonna leave something like that.”

Really, bro? REALLY? That lazy-a** “they just be hatin’” response is all Reed could drum up for a denial of his misogynistic tweet? If Reed would’ve said, “Oh sh*t, I thought Kamala was a racehorse and, you know, they gotta have good knees,” that would have been a slightly less ridiculous response than simply pretending he was unaware of the existence of the tweet that came from his Twitter account.

But honestly, I just wish, for once, these people would admit they’re just trash. Hell, Reed—who, according to his Twitter bio, is a ” “Horse trainer and Reagan conservative”—could have just admitted he said what he said and his fellow right-wingers would have spat out their tobacco, cracked a Miller White…I mean, Light, and praised him for his disgusting tweet.

Just admit you’re an old-a** white man making teenager lockerroom jokes that you’ve now realized make you look stupid and sexist. Instead, Reed is running from his own tweet harder than his horse ran to win the Kentucky Derby.

But does he even have the knees for that?


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