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Protests Break Out After Cleveland Police Officer's Acquittal

Source: Ricky Rhodes / Getty

A Cleveland man attempted to rob a victim in a Target parking lot, but the victim certainly got the last laugh.

This event happened at Target on West 117th.

Antwan Pryor was supposed to be buying an iPhone from someone he had met online. After getting in the victim’s car to look at the phone, Pryor pulled out a gun and attempted a robbery.

The victim, fearful of being shot, grabbed at the gun to try and get it away from Pryor. In the scuffle, the gun was turned towards Pryor, and a shot was fired. The victim then, according to police, pulled Pryor out of the car and yelled for people to call the police.

Via FOX 8

When officers arrived at the scene, medics were there treating Pryor for a gunshot wound to his midsection.

The victim was then interviewed by police, and Pryor was taken to the hospital.

Police were told Pryor and the victim were communicating for a few days.

Finish this report from FOX 8 by [clicking here].

It’s the holiday season folks. People are desperate so make sure to keep your head on a swivel. Also, meeting someone in person that you met online is always a tricky situation. Try to be careful out there!

Man Gets Shot With His Own Gun After Failed Robbery at Cleveland Target  was originally published on wzakcleveland.com