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Bia for Footlocker

Source: Courtesy of Footlocker / Courtesy of Footlocker

Boston-bred artist BIA is known for serving up some fire looks. And this holiday season, she’s teamed up with Foot Locker to ensure we all look our best from head to toe. The 31-year-old has been featured in the retailer’s 2022 global holiday campaign, inspired by sneaker culture. The campaign video was shot using only iPhone footage and “centers around an epic holiday party thrown by Foot Locker’s signature Striper employees alongside sneaker and style talent.”

Read as BIA shares why Foot Locker should be your first destination for holiday shopping, how the brand has played such a pivotal role in her life, and how she plans to style her wardrobe for the winter season. The “WHOLE LOTTA MONEY” rapper also shares her most important goals for 2023.

HB: Foot Locker recently unveiled their global holiday 2022 campaign, which features you and some other amazing sneaker and style creatives. The campaign was shot on an iPhone 14 and centers around an epic holiday party thrown by Foot Locker’s signature Striper employees. We’re right in the thick of the holiday season, and I’m sure there are so many campaigns you could choose to be a part of; what sealed the deal with this Foot Locker campaign?

BIA: I used to work at Foot Locker — it was one of my first jobs. And I learned so much from working there, believe it or not. It was so much deeper than just a job or a sneaker store job for me. I learned so much there that I actually apply to my life every day. So it’s crazy. I always tell people that Foot Locker was one of the jobs that molded me and taught me how to hustle and move with urgency. And I feel like I possess that quality because of Foot Locker.

HB: What would you say is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from your time working at Footlocker?

BIA: I was always a sneaker girl growing up. I’ve always collected Jordans and Nikes and loved every sneaker. Foot Locker also taught me about sneaker culture. Like, you have to be in tune with the new releases and the fashion around sneaker culture. That was one of my earliest memories, as far as the way fashion and music merge with culture through sneakers and things like that.

But even when I was a sales associate, we had to work off of commission. Everybody had to bring their best. And at the end of the week, we would see who was the best — who was selling and upselling. It molded me. I have so many memories from Foot Locker that contribute to who I am today. I can’t pick just one.

HB: So right now, we are all prepping our lists and checking them twice — whether it’s things we’re planning to buy for ourselves or others. What sneaker styles should we definitely grab this holiday season at Foot Locker?

BIA: I’m a Jordan girl. I love Jordans, and I especially love a pair of Jordan ones. Those are my favorites. I also love the fours. I’m really into Jordans because that’s what I grew up on. People should also take a look at Human Race by Adidas, as well as the Air Max collection by Nike.

HB: We can’t just buy the fly kicks and not have the drip to match, and fall and winter — I would say this is the best time to pop out with the pieces, especially since we spend so much time layering our clothes. One thing I love and can’t wait to rock is a classic velour sweatsuit — they’re so comfy and warm. What winter fashion staples are you looking forward to rocking?

BIA: I love sweatsuits. And I live in them in the winter because I’m an East Coast girl too. If you dress your sweatsuit up with the right shoe, a cute little bag accessory, or a nice vest, you can make your outfit look really tea.

HB: What’s on BIA’s list of goals for the New Year?

BIA: I want to get into more community outreach, and I want to be more hands-on with people. I feel like when you’re an artist, you live such a fast life every day, and you’re always performing or in the studio. So I want to get back out and touch the people. I want to do more writings camps and just get outside. I love being outside, and I want to give back. That’s what I think I’ll do more of in 2023.


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