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White man harasses Black FedEx worker

Source: screenshot / Twitter

Sometimes being Black in America means it’s only a matter of time before you come across a white person who can’t wait for an excuse to call you the n-word.

A video was posted to Twitter Wednesday that showed a Black FedEx worker, reportedly in Douglasville, Georgia, amid a confrontation with a racist white man who may or may not have assumed the title “grand wizard” at some point in his life.

The video begins with this disgruntled Caucasian calling the Black employee a “stupid monkey” and a “dumb n*****r,” because, in 2023, white racists still haven’t bothered updating their racial slurs since pre-reconstruction. I mean, obviously, if these people possessed even a modicum of creativity they would include a little rhythm in their stiff-a** line dances and learned to cook with the spices their ancestors colonized the world for by now.

I suppose it’s not terribly surprising that when a Black person irritates them the only thing they can come up with are the same generic racist terms we’ve been hearing since the year 1619. “Go ahead and park,” the angry alabaster-tinted man went on to say. “You want to f**k around with a white man? You run over my dog and I’ll show you how little black lives matter.”

In the video, the man’s dog can be seen off-leash, which most likely means his loose dog almost got hit by a FedEx truck and that was all the excuse discount David Duke needed to threaten and sling slurs at the Black driver. (Because the driver could have just as easily been a white man, and the dog owner might have still been pissed, but he wouldn’t have felt inclined to do his best Calvin Candie from Django Unchained impersonation in response, which is why anyone asking what happened before the camera started rolling is just as racist as he is in my book.)

Obviously, Black Twitter dragged this white man the same way he probably fantasizes about dragging Black people from the bumper of his pickup truck. Some viewers of the video immediately called for the man to be identified along with his employer.

Others simply demanded the racist be banned from receiving FedEx deliveries.

But for Black folks who have grown tired of seeing other Black folks praised for remaining calm and composed in the face of white violence and racism, this video certainly didn’t inspire any of that Kumbaya energy at all.

Yeah, this white nonsense is getting old.

And we are tired!


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