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Temple University Philadelphia Eagles fans flip car and riot video

Source: Twitter

I remember years ago when I got into a back-and-forth with a random Caucasian on Facebook who was on his soapbox about violent Black Lives Matter protests, and I pointed out that white people don’t have the same energy when it comes to white sports fans acting out and rioting for literally no reason. My melanin-deficient Facebook adversary only seemed to be able to come up with one counterpoint: “Oh, come on, those are just a bunch of drunk college kids getting carried away.

Setting aside the fact that the vast majority of protests against systemic racism and the extrajudicial executions of Black people don’t result in violence, it was just wild to witness anyone flat-out arguing that protesters who lose control and get violent over racial injustice are worse members of society than white people who damage property and terrorize neighborhoods because their inebriated and hyped up over their favorite spots team. But such is the attitude of the same white America that has stretched itself into a noose knot trying to justify a riot at the U.S. Capitol inspired by “stop the steal” propaganda after it was thoroughly disproven.

Anyway, here’s a video that shows Philadelphia Eagles and rioting and flipping over a car hours before Super Bowl LVII (meaning they hadn’t even watched their team lose yet).

From Philly Voice:

The incident happened around 4:15 p.m. along the 1700 block of Arlington Street, just a few blocks west of Broad Street and the university’s North Philadelphia campus. The side street between Norris and Berks streets was packed with Eagles fans in advance of the game.

Videos posted to social media show a rowdy group of fans flipping a silver Volvo onto its roof. Several people then got on top of the car.

Philadelphia police said the windows of the car were broken and the vehicle was spray-painted. No arrests have been made.

Any Temple students involved in the incident could face discipline for violating the university’s code of conduct, Temple spokesperson Steve Orbanek said Monday.

“This would be in addition to any charges by police,” Orbanek said.

And just so it’s clear that major cities prepare for sports-related riots the same way they prepare while awaiting verdicts in high-profile trials over the unjust killings of unarmed Black people, the university announced ahead of the game that there would be increased police presence and surveillance around campus.

In fact, it appears that Eagles fans riot so often that many on Twitter had already predicted it.

Apparently, all riots don’t matter, because these folks talk about sports riots as casually as if they were talking about random bar fights.

But this is America, right?


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