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The Fresh Dolls

Source: Rock The Bells / Rock The Bells

Watch out Mattel because Barbie is about to got some competition in the toy arena courtesy of Dr. Lisa Williams and Rock The Bells.

Recently Rock The Bells announced that the brand is collaborating with Dr. Lisa Williams on a new line of Hip-Hop culture figures dolls dubbed The Fresh Dolls which represents the multicultural communities that Hip-Hoppers grew up in across the board. The dolls which come in an array of skin tones and one-of-a-kind faces were made to represent to give today’s kids from different ethnic backgrounds something that they can relate to as they play with their friends.

Rock The Bells reports:

“At the Dr. Lisa Company, we are committed to creating collections that are truly authentic, engaging and representative for all multicultural children,” says Dr.  Lisa Williams, chief executive officer and founder, The Dr. Lisa Company. “We are excited to collaborate with Rock The Bells to highlight hip-hop culture, which continues to influence and inspire. Through this new collection, we will help reinforce the love of Hip-Hop among so many as well as introduce it to brand-new audiences around the world.” 

Now venturing into the world of Hip-Hop, The Dr. Lisa Company has collaborated with Rock The Bells to unveil the Rock The Bells x Dr. Lisa Company Collection. The collection spotlights two dolls — Ebony, a B-Girl, and Anthony, a B-Boy. Both dolls are adorned with clothing that captures the essence of graffiti art, and with full articulation in all their joints, they genuinely embody the spirit of all four of Hip-Hop’s core elements – breaking, MCing, graffiti, and DJing. Notably, Ebony’s hair is also versatile enough to be styled and washed.

Aside from the dope dolls, The Dr. Lisa Company and Rock The Bells will also be collaborating to create four animated shorts to further educate the kids on the four main elements of Hip-Hop. We can’t wait to see that. LL Cool J for one is just as excited as everyone about this upcoming collaborative project.

Added Uncle L:

“Hip-Hop is timeless and transcends generations. This collaboration with The Dr. Lisa Company is all about celebrating the culture and our icons, while also educating our young fans,” says LL COOL J, Founder and CEO of Rock The Bells. “These dolls are more than just toys; we’re bringing the elements of Hip-Hop through fashion, coloring books, and animation so a new generation can learn about and take pride in their love for the culture.”

The Fresh Dolls are available now on and can be purchased for a cool $13.

Will you be copping some Fresh Dolls? Let us know in the comments section below.

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