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Pants on the ground! Pants on the ground! Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground! A Mayor out in Dublin, GA agrees and has officially made saggin’ pants a crime.

Mayor Phil Best has decided that dropping trow is an indecent exposure crime and offenders can be fined up to $200 for each offense.

The law would prohibit the wearing of pants or skirts more than three inches below the top of the hips, exposing the skin or undergarments.

Police will be left to enforce the law, but skeptics wonder if they are supposed to run around high school parking lots with tape measures in hand looking for violators of the three-inch rule.

City officials hope that a simple warning for kids to pull up their pants will be sufficient, but we all know that there will be at least one kid (and likely more) who will push the law to its constitutional breaking point by getting arrested and fighting the ticket in court.

Some people are already complaining that the law will be used to target young black males. Well, a quick visit to just about any mall will tell you that young white males model just about everything they see from their black counterparts, including saggin’. So it’s up to the community to make sure that young black boys aren’t the only ones getting pinched for this infraction.

On one hand, this will save a lot of innocent eyes from having to watch the stained up drawls of some prepubescent punk, but on the other hand, it just gives one-time one more reason to harass the youth.



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