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Rachel Dissell, The Plain Dealer

How the players were identified

People and businesses mentioned in federal charges are seldom named unless they are charged. Instead, federal prosecutors refer to them by identification numbers. Based on court and county payroll records, interviews and descriptions in charges, here is a list of some of the people and businesses involved in the corruption investigation so far. Just because a person or business has been mentioned, it does not necessarily mean they have done anything wrong or will be charged. “PO” refers to elected public officials. “PE” refers to public employees. “BE” refers to business executives or business employees. Not all are identifiable because of scant information provided in court documents. Some of the numbers have never been mentioned in public documents.

PO1: Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora

PO2: Former Auditor Frank Russo

PO3: Unidentified county official who oversees county road construction described in charges against businessman Ferris Kleem

PO4: Common Pleas Judge Bridget McCafferty

PO5: Former auditor’s employee Santina “Sandy” Klimkowski

PO6: Cleveland City Council President Martin J. Sweeney

PO7: Berea Mayor Cyril Kleem

PO8: Domestic Relations Judge Cheryl Karner

PO9: Peter Lawson Jones

PO10: Tim Hagan

PO11: Probate Judge Anthony Russo Jr.

PO12: Former Sheriff Gerald McFaul

PO13: Bedford Clerk of Courts Tom Day

PO14: Lakewood Mayor Ed Fitzgerald

PO15: Unidentified Common Pleas Court judge

PO16: Common Pleas Judge Steven Terry

PO17: Strongsville Councilman Patrick Coyne

Attorney 1: Anthony O. Calabrese III

Attorney 2: William Mitchell

Attorney 3: Presumed to exist; no information available

Attorney 4: Unidentified lawyer listed in Frank Russo’s charges as representing American Home Bank

Attorney 5: George Argie PE1: Engineer’s Office employee

PE2: Auditor’s office employee Jennifer Justice

PE3: Former county engineer’s employee Richelle Russo Reed

PE4: Auditor’s office employee Michael Gabor

PE5: Deputy Auditor Samir Mohammad

PE6: Former MetroHealth Medical Center executive Thomas Greco

PE7: Unidentified former top auditor’s office administrator described in Frank Russo’s charges

PE8: Former Maple Heights schools Treasurer Christopher Krause

PE9: Former Maple Heights schools food services director Rocky Laurie

PE10: County employee with jurisdiction over county contracting, including working with Small Business Enterprises and Minority Business Enterprise requirements

PE11: County Employee who reported to Jimmy Dimora

PE 12: Presumed to exist; no information available

PE13: Unidentified manager in county commissioners’ office, with management and policy responsibilities

PE14: Presumed to exist; no information available

PE15: County Health Commissioner Terry Allan

PE16-17: Presumed to exist; no information available

PE18: County Employee who reported to Jimmy Dimora and maintained his schedule

PE19: Worked in county Department of Development

PE20: Unidentified employee of Judge Bridget McCafferty

PE21: County employee Linda Rybak

PE22: Student employed by the county, Dana Rybak

PE 23: Dennis Madden, county’s chief operating officer until July 2008

 PE24: Former sheriff’s chief of staff Pat Kresty

PE25: Unidentified auditor’s office employee related to Ron Romanini Sr., described in Frank Russo’s charges

PE26: Tom Cornhoff, Human Resources Manager the City of Solon

PE27: County employee working in Dimora’s office

PE28-30: Presumed to exist; no information available

PE31: Unidentified former top administrator in Frank Russo’s office described in Russo’s charges

PE32: Almerinda Ditomaso, former employee of Judge Steve Terry and the auditor’s office

PE33-36 Presumed to exist; no information available

PE37: Former City of Cleveland Building Inspector Bobby Cuevas

PE38: Employed by the State of Ohio

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