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By Michael Tapia— Has chemistry been included to Miami’s curriculum, is the question everyone is asking after Chris Bosh finally left his mark as a Heat. Can we finally say that we’ve seen Miami’s big three potential combined in a one performance? If so, can we expect the worse? After Bosh dropped 35, LeBron James 20, and Dwyane Wade 17 all in one game is it safe to say that the Miami Heat are starting to find their rhythm?

Since the beginning of the season, people have been complaining about Bosh’s performance not being as good as it was when he was playing for the Toronto Raptors. Bosh silenced his critics on Wednesday night, at least temporarily, with a 35-point performance against the Phoenix Suns. For Bosh, it was a season high who only has one 20-point game this season coming against the New Jersey Nets when he scored 21.

Is this the Chris Bosh that Pat Riley and the Heat signed up for? Most certainly, the survey says. Should Bosh and the rest of Heat’s big three continue to play this way Riley’s wishes for his Heat should come true. Just imagine how troublesome this team can become if Bosh’s 35, James’ 20, and Wade’s 17 become an interchangeable fixture throughout the season?

Of course, those who doubt these three perennial all-star’s potential will emerge arguing that it is easy to score so many points against a poor defensive team like the Suns. However, we have to remember that these guys were acquired because they are perennial all-stars and they have been posting these kind of numbers throughout their careers on a consistent basis. Also, let us not forget that they were the same guys that contained an offensive powerhouse like the Suns below a 100 points. An argument would be permissible if per se, the final score would have been 123-118 but the truth of the matter is that the final score read: 123-96 for a 27-point blow out.

After finally seeing the three biggest acquisitions of the summer do what they are capable of and prove why they were most coveted, we can start analyzing what has fallen into place. Could it be that all three superstars have found the chemistry of coexisting with each other in the court? Has Erik Spoelstra found the way to get the maximum potential out of the incredible amount of talent that his players possess? Can it be that Chris Bosh found the groove that he had when he was in Toronto? Does a player with little influence like Carlos Arroyo need to be the starting point guard so the dynamic of the team does not get affected?

It is evident that James, Wade and Bosh have the potential to dominate if they are able to join forces the right way. Now the question posses, can they be intelligent enough to know their roles day in and day out? Are they mature enough to make the best out of every game and adjust to their adversaries’ weaknesses and take it all as they are expected? The talent and the potential is there but is that drive, determination, tenacity, that hunger, and the consistency there as well? Only time will tell.


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