(NewsOne)– I went to see “For Colored Girls,” the exciting new film made by the great Tyler Perry.  I love Tyler’s work, most of the time, and I’ve defended him on multiple occasions when he’s come under attack for the nature of his films.  Spike Lee is one particular Tyler Perry hater that I’ve taken […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – The owner of a computer company who won contracts with the Cuyahoga County Engineer’s Office passed away over the weekend. The Cuyahoga County Coroner’s confirmed the death of 75-year-old Anthony Ma early Saturday morning but would not release any details. Anthony Ma was indicted in the Cuyahoga County corruption probe and […]

  via cnn.com   Security was tight in Myanmar on Sunday as voters participated in the country’s first election in 20 years — a contest critics say is aimed at creating a facade of democracy. Riot police roamed streets in the city of Yangon, the former national capital that is also known as Rangoon. Election […]

Soledad O’Brien recently addressed how she felt when her “Blackness” was challenged during an interview with Rev. Jesse Jackson. O’Brien who identifies herself as a Black woman, is of  Afro-Cuban and Irish decent. O’Brien is a renown advocate for Black and Latino people, notably for her work with CNN’s “Black In America”.

Nobody protests louder than the hypocrite. Second however, in vocal decibel level, has to be the man that’s been lied on. Only short of having someone tell an inconvenient truth, the most enraging thing in the world is having someone tell outright, blatant lies, especially when they know the truth and are telling those lies […]

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Mud up to their ankles and a steady rain falling on their tents, residents of Haiti’s earthquake camps ignored warnings to leave their makeshift homes as Hurricane Tomas bore down on their deforested and flood-prone nation early Friday. Tomas’ maximum sustained winds were near 80 mph (130 kph) Friday, said the U.S. […]

On Wednesday November 3rd, the Pop and Politics live event at WNYC’s Greene Space brought together panelists, audiences and web viewers for a fascinating discussion about how race, anger and the economy affected the outcome of the November 2010 midterm elections. Guests included actress Rosie Perez (visit her arts organization here ), blogger Reihan Salam […]

After a speech by Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Kamla Persad-Bissessar, about giving assistance to other nations during the upcoming storm, Hurricane Tomas, only if it benefited Trinidad and Tobago, many West Indians have started a campaign to boycott Trinidad. Go-Jamaica reports: “We will have to look at ways in which we would be […]

Squabble over parking spot sends an Elyria woman to the hospital. The incident occurred at the Market St. Giant Eagle. The victim says while she was parking she honked at another driver who was blocking the aisle. The woman who was doing the blocking then got out of her car, walked to the victims car, opened her […]

Tonight on 19 Action News at 11PM, Cleveland is a community rocked by big government scandals. Now, Carl Monday is breaking a story that will have the whole town talking – again. Courtesy Of  WOIO.COM Read More A story of power, entitlement and accusations of sex with girls as young as 17

If you were to liken Brazil, the country, to an individual, she would the bronzed body you saw leading a float at Rio Carnaval, flawless from afar, shaking her body with a rhythm akin to the feet of an international soccer star like Ronaldihno.

While the debate over how to best tackle the spread of HIV is alive and well in South Africa, a Pastor in Cape Town has taken the topic to a controversial new level by claiming that Jesus Christ was HIV positive.