Congressman John Conyers is now the longest-serving member of the House

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Former Congressman John Conyers Jr. died at his home on Sunday of natural causes, Detroit police say.

Conyers was the longest-serving black member of Congress and founder of the Congressional Black Caucus.

He became one of only six black house members in 1964 after he won his first election by 108 votes. This marked the start of more than 50 years of serving in the house as a ranking Democrat of the Judiciary Committee.

His sons John Conyers III and Carl took to social media to react to the passing.

“My legacy will continue through my children.”

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Daddio!!!! It’s your number 1 son, Johnny James, or the TOYD (third) as you would say. Today we go our separate ways. I am sad and heartbroken for me; but I’m so grateful and happy for you Big John. You are at rest. You are at peace. You taught me what it was to love and care for my children. You always told me you loved me. You always supported my journey even if you didn’t agree. When I was a practicing Buddhist you bought be every book there was about Buddhism. When @terrencereche and I started our non-profit at 19 and @quincydjones offered to help you bought me every book about him so i knew who i was talking to and i would be prepared for that call. It goes without saying I’m going to miss you. I am heartbroken and I’m holding back tears for my sake because you showed me it’s ok for a man to show emotion toward his family and for people. I love you champ! Rest up! Until next time! And tell uncle Damon, Grandma Lucille, Mr. Gilmer and Aunt Gulinda hello for me! PS. I would be remiss if i didn’t add that you taught me about faith. I never saw you eat a meal without praying. Your grace was the highlight of every holiday because the PEOPLE were in your heart even after your retirement. You prayed for the people and always addressed Jobs, Justice, and Peace before we ate on holidays. WHEN EVERYONE WAS WAITING TO EAT. I love you man truly! I’m gonna miss making you breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday. I’m going to miss yelling at you because you gave LouLou table food. I’m just going to miss you John James. I am.

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