NEW YORK — A surveillance video shows that a Brooklyn mother may have been killed by police bullets five blocks from where the Labor Day parade took place this past Monday. Denise Gay, who was an innocent bystander, was killed in a crossfire of bullets between gang members and policemen. The video, which has not […]

NEW YORK — Independent Hasidic Jewish groups that patrol Hasidic neighborhoods in Brooklyn, New York have been accused of unfairly targeting minorities. The New York Daily News reports: Hasidic patrols in Williamsburg rule the streets like real cops – driving unmarked cars, flashing emergency lights and snatching people they think are criminals, say residents and […]

BROOKLYN-Rajene Powell Dickerson was charged with murder for orchestrating the murder of his best friend, Dwayne Burnette, over a money dispute in Brookyln, yesterday. Police Say Powell Dickerson, arranged for Burnette to be murdered by paying $10,00 to Jimmy Copeland. The New York Daily News reports: Copeland, in turn, enlisted the help of his sister, […]