NEW YORK —Kenneth Montgomery, lawyer for the “Monumental 5,” the group of hip-hop party-goers who allege that they were victims of racially motivated police brutality at a concert here last week, said the unprovoked violence was the result of overly aggressive officers who became enraged when their harassment of patrons was caught on amateur video. […]

NEW YORK — After police fought with party goers and friends and family of the group Smif N’ Wessun and rapper Pete Rock at their release party last week, members of the group, affiliates, and social activists have planned a protest at New York City’s City Hall today. Concerned community members, hip hop artists, local […]

I can’t seem to erase the conjured images of New York City Police Department officers, savagely beating patrons outside Tammany Hall from my psyche. I didn’t witness it personally, but the bit of video footage caught on camera was enough to fill me with rage. The riot that occurred on Tuesday, June 28, in which […]

NEW YORK — Last night at a release party for Pete Rock and Smif N Wessun’s album, “Monumental,” police got into several physical altercations with fans, family members and supporters of the artists. Rapper Pete Rock claimed on Twitter  he saw police beat another woman: “Deez police are outta hand, i saw them beat up […]