Samsung is recalling its new Galaxy Note 7 smartphone worldwide after reports of the device catching fire while charging. The recall of one of Samsung Electronic’s flagship devices is an embarrassing setback for the world’s biggest selling smartphone maker. The Note 7 was unveiled just a month ago. Samsung said it had found a problem […]

via CNN Samsung plans to challenge a U.S. court ruling that recommends more than $1 billion in damages to Apple over a patent dispute. A federal jury recommended Friday that Apple be awarded the damages after finding Samsung guilty of “willful” violations of a number of Apple’s patents in the creation of its own mobile […]

Google’s Nexus One, which the company stopped selling some seven months after its debut, has been called a “failed experiment.” So could there be a Nexus Two on the way? There are rumors that Samsung will be unveiling a Nexus Two smartphone (also known as the “Nexus S“) on November 8. Citing an “industry source,” […]