Just hours before NBA baller Kobe Bryant plays his last game, his wife Vanessa, pens a lengthy message on Instagram. Check it out below. This is it!!! Today’s the day!!!! My family and I are so excited. So happy to hear, “the 4th and FINAL period” one last time. My girls and I are so […]

Last week, numerous reports about how Kobe cheated with his wife Vanessa surfaced as documents leaked from the lawsuit filed for divorce between the couple. However, newer sources from Kobe-side of the story said that he actually wants to be back together with Vanessa. According to TMZ, Kobe is “deeply depressed” over the situation. He’s also […]

Why are the Lakers such little effin teenage girls??? First it was Pau Gasol’s break up rumors, which allegedly took the Lakers out of contention for this year’s NBA Finals. Then it was Shannon Brown randomly throwing himself in the mix. Now, TMZ reports Kobe Bryant has his teammates to thank for Vanessa finding out about his Dirty Dog […]