You don’t hire the Black Eyed Peas’ Will.i.Am for a ballad. So we’re guessing that Chris Brown’s first single “One for the Road” from his forthcoming album, Fortune, will be a club banger along the lines of, say, Usher’s “OMG”—which Will also produced. It should out within weeks. On news and radio website All Access’ […]

Will.I.Am gets called many a things in the hip-hop community. he gets called things like sell out and corny. None of that matters to him because he believes he is the hardest ever. Don’t believe me? Check his new video for proof. Along with Jennifer Lopez and the legendary Mick Jagger, Will.I.Am delivers the visual […]

Common and will.i.am have been recruited for a new TV documentary about the power of hip-hop. The pair will team up to shoot “Bouncing Cats,” which chronicles one man’s attempt to improve the lives of Ugandan children through the use of music and breakdance. Common will serve as the narrator, while the Black Eyed Peas […]