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WikiLeak’s impresario Julian Assange has stirred up multiple hornet’s nests with the release this year of intelligence documents on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and, most recently, candid diplomatic cables that reveal the raw underbelly of U.S. international relations.

He has been painted as a villain by the U.S. government, and has defied requests to cease his document dumps. The Department of Justice is considering bringing charges against him, and he is becoming a man without a country.

While the revelations from the cables have caused some damage to the U.S. internationally, they are not among the most pressing concerns on Main Street America. Polls show U.S. citizens are far more outraged about the economy, jobs and taxes than body counts in Iraq, the locations of European nukes or U.S. diplomats’ impressions of world leaders.

Assange’s next act may turn him from nerdy villain to a Robin Hood figure, however, particularly with Main Street.

According to reports, Assange’s next target is Wall Street. In a Forbes interview, he stated that WikiLeaks’ would unleash data from an existing American bank early next year. (There’s a good chance it’s Bank of America.)

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