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One of the biggest stresses of the holiday season is what to do with the little ones. With four days off for Thanksgiving and two weeks vacation for Christmas, these days will often be filled with endless television or boredom. Finding stimulating activities for them to do is a good cure for the vacation blues. Here are five tips to keep your children happy during those long days off from school.

1. Get The Homework Packet Done Early

Depending on your child’s grade level, their homework packet shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours to complete. Getting this done will not only free up your child’s time to do other things, but it will also give you some relief because you know their assignments are completed. If your child doesn’t have the attention span for a whole day of homework, then try breaking it up into two days.

2. Keep The Educational Ball Rolling

Just because they’ve finished their homework, doesn’t mean you should let them go brain dead. Playing videos games and watching television will never replace reading or an educational project. Try playing a broad game that will teach them how to think, and  that is related to what they are learning in school. Scrabble is great for spelling, tell your child to use their site words in the game. Monopoly is good for counting and teaching your children how to manage their money.

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3. Visit the Library

The library has a lot of fun things for your child to do. They now have schedule activities involving the Wii, storytime, art projects and even free tutoring. The library is also a great source to find books that will help you create different projects for your children.

4. Google Is Your Friend

Planning fun activities isn’t rocket science, but it can sometimes be challenging to find things your children maybe interested in doing.  There are a number of websites you can go to. Finding information on free events, projects and outdoor activities is just a click away. Try looking for a Christmas or New Years party at your local community center. You can also organize your own get together with other parents in the neighborhood.

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5.Get Them Involved In Your Daily Routine

The best way to learn some of the chores and daily management tools we use as adults in life, is to learn from example. Like we’ve heard before, children are sponges waiting to soak up tons of information. Why not take this opportunity to teach them how to cook,  do laundry, or maybe even knit. The possibilities are endless and it will not only give your child useful tools, but it may also take the load off, from you doing a chore or two.

The most important thing is to do something that helps you interact with your children. We are a society of busy people and sometimes forget about the little guys . We are quick to slap a piece of technology in their hands to entertain them. So enjoy each other’s company and feel  free to comment with other ideas to keep your children entertained during their winter break.