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The very out spoken Khloe Kardashian rocked out an edgy photo shoot with YRB magazine.  “I’ve always wanted to do an edgier photo shoot. But so often people think I’m not capable of pulling it off. ” Well Khloe, you definitely pulled it off in this spread. You better Werk Bish! Check out an excerpt from her interview conducted by Perez Hilton and more below:

On how she met Lamar

I met him at a club. I hosted a “Welcome to the Lakers” party for Ron Artest, and we met there. I was so not interested in him at the time, and I was really rude to him. He asked me to go to IHOP after the party. I went, gave him my number afterwards, and the rest is history.

On what tech gadgets they use to keep up with each other

We are huge texters. We have like four-hour conversations. We love iChat with video. We like to have fun and keep the excitement going, so sometimes we call it iBone and give each other a little show.

On how she balances personal versus public information about her

Because my family and I do reality TV, that line is very blurred. I try to be as balanced as possible by my surroundings. Having the same childhood friends help you with that because they keep you grounded.

On the biggest misconception about her

Hmmmmm. Good question. I’m not sure, but when people meet me they normally have three things to say… 1. ‘Wow you are so tiny. You aren’t fat! Ok…’ Weird, but thanks, I guess? LOL 2. ‘OMG, you are so sweet!’ 3. ‘You aren’t that tall!’ Everyone that I meet thinks I should be 6’3” or taller. So funny, but I guess compared to Kourt and Kim I look super tall. I’m 5’10” and they are about 5’0” and 5’2,” so I do look tall. I’m really just normal and they are tiny little girls. LOL.

On her biggest New Year’s Resolution

To be more proactive in my health. I have been soooo good about it! I want to be ahead of the game and really focus on me from the inside out.

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