t was only a matter of time.Rihanna’s raunchy video for “S&M” has been flagged by YouTube, after being deemed “inappropriate.” Was it the whips, chains, and ball gags? Or the skin-tight latex outfits?

Regardless, you now have to be at least 18 to view the video. If not, you’ll be met with this message:

Rihanna took the news in stride though, directing her fans to her official website to watch the clip in full. On Twitter, she wrote:

“U can now view the S&M video on http://www.Rihannanow.com UNFLAGGED!!!”

She and her best friend Katy Perry also engaged in some tongue-in-cheek banter on Twitter. After Katy asked, “@rihanna yo batch lemme borrow those latex dresses! #slutty #skank #ho #whore #bearcunt #yesyesyes!,” Rihanna sarcastically responded, “ur a role model, u can’t use those words!! #appalled lol!!”

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