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Remember Jimmy McMillian and his “Rent Is Too Damn High” campaign in New York City?

A woman by the name of Felice, lives in Manhattan’s Upper West Side (near Central Park) where apartments rent for an average of $3,600, however, she managed to snag an apartment for $700 bucks. Granted the apartment is only 90 square foot (12 by 7), but in her eyes, it’s quite a steal. It’s sets the record for ‘World’s Smallest Apartment’ by the World Records Academy.

The one thing that I loved about Felice is that she seems to be wise with her money. While showing off her place, she made it a point to state that you shouldn’t acquire what you can’t afford.

My father is a bankruptcy attorney. I think we learned early on that you don’t acquire what you can’t afford. I’m able to work, live here and travel without being concerned about this huge space that I have to come back to and take care of.

Check out her apartment in the video below:

Sidenote: When my assistant Kimmy, who lives in FL, saw this video, she immediately emailed me and said:

I would have moved to New York if I knew that 90sq ft apt was available. I would have definitely taken it because I know it would have been a temporary situation. BUT when I saw it, I was like ‘damn you can’t do the dougie in that bish’.


Source: [Video] Women Pays $700 A Month In NYC For 90 SQ Ft Apartment | Necole

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