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A mother has been arrested for repeatedly poisoning her daughter in a warped bid to get doctors to pay more attention to her.

Blanca Montano is said to have made her seven-month old girl so sick she was admitted to hospital. She then poisoned her nine times as she lay on the ward.

Doctors became suspicious as the child simply would not heal and eventually lapsed into a critical condition.

Once Montaro was barred from contact with her, however, the girl’s condition improved.

Montano, 21, was arrested and doctors believe she is suffering from Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, an illness found in women seeking attention who feign illnesses in themselves or their children.

Her daughter and her son, who was brought into hospital once in a sickened state but was sent home and recovered, have been taken into protective custody.

Montano, from Tucson, Arizona, is being held on a $50,000 bond as her family said she was innocent.

Her father Rene told ABC News that she would never hurt her child. Her sister Yamara added that their mother Rosa was accused of child abuse, though she was cleared.

SMH at the adults enabling this broad instead of protecting the babies.


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