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Well, well, well.  It seems that President Obama still has a few friends in the media that are willing to, as the old folk say, tell the truth and shame the devil.  The devil being DonaldTrump in this instance.  It seems that the real estate developer has a checkered past with “the blacks” (as he’s been quoted lately in the news when referring to African Americans). was able to dig up the sordid past business practices of the real estate tycoon dating back to the 1970′s.  There was a major lawsuit against Trump’s Organization as soon as his father, Fred Trump, handed the reins of the business over to him.  He was being sued by the federal government for breach of the Fair Housing Act.  The New York Times wrote:

“… the Government contended that Trump Management had refused to rent or negotiate rentals “because of race and color.” It also charged that the company had required different rental terms and conditions because of race and that it had misrepresented to blacks that apartments were not available.”

Realllllllllllly now.  This bit of information would serve as incriminating evidence against him in a court of law if he attempts to prove his sturdy relationship with African Americans.  No wonder he thought that Obama must have gotten into the Ivy league using Affirmative Action.  That’s the only way that “blacks” could get into his properties.  The federal government was countersued by the brash bigot for $100 million, stating that their claims were “baseless.”  Trump said in his own words ”the Government was trying to force it to rent to welfare recipients.”  How dare they?

Read Salon’s report here. Exposing Trump for his racist ways is getting easier and easier every day.

-J.C. Brooks

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