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Black stereotypes. They plague both the men and women of our community. We’ve already covered 9 Stereotypes Of Black Women That Aren’t Always True, but now, men, it’s your turn to prove (some of) these rumors wrong.

1. All Black Men Are Well-Endowed

This one is bound to start some discussion. Upon googling ‘Black men big penis true?’, you’ll find a range of references to an unemployed white man from Brooklyn named John Falcon, who’s apparently the owner of the world’s largest.

Research however will tell you that there is in fact no truth to the debate about differences in size across the races. It is certainly not a guarantee that the next black man you meet will outdo John Falcon in the size department but in terms of a continued discussion about this myth, we’ll leave it with you.

2. They Don’t Like To Work

While Black men suffer from some of the highest rates of unemployment in America, psychologists will confirm that this is in no way related to choice. Men in general are hardwired to want to provide for their families and so will pursue any means possible to achieve that goal. ‘Not wanting to work’ is a negative stereotype of black men that is certainly not true in the grand majority of cases of unemployment.

3. Black Men Are Extremely Sexually Virile

Can we keep this one as it is? What do you think?

4. Black Men Are Great Athletes

Any major sporting event features an array of muscular, testosterone-filled black men. But, ‘Look at them! Now look at your man! And back to them! Now look at your man!’

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