High school pranks are usually a sign that the school year is a coming to a close. However, one prank went from harmless to scary real fast for school officials first but now for the student accused of pulling the prank.

Tyell Morton ,a senior at Rushville High in Indiana, said he thought it would be funny to put a blow up doll in a girl’s bathroom at his school. But the act was caught on the school’s security cameras.

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Video shows a man dressed in a hooded sweatshirt wearing latex gloves and concealing a package. But then leaves the bathroom without it.

School officials thought a bomb was in that package and evacuated the whole school while they called in the Indiana State Police Bomb Squad.

When it was discovered that it was Tyell who pulled the prank, he was arrested and now faces criminal charges.

Tyell will not be allowed to attend his graduation and is banned from campus.

If convicted, he could face up to eight years in prison.

Now i understand the severity of a potential bomb threat and all, but i feel this should be viewed as a misunderstanding and hopefully authorities wont let a prank derail this kid’s future by putting him in jail at all let alone putting him there for 8 years.

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