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The UK Daily Mail is reporting that former NFL great O.J. Simpson allegedly confessed to a producer for the Oprah Winfrey Show that he murdered his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson in an act of self-defense.

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The report by the National Enquirer, which the Daily Mail sourced, claims that Simpson spotted Nicole at a restaurant with the children a few hours before the murder occurred. He claims that she snubbed him when he interrupted their meal.

“O.J. said he went home and kept getting angrier and angrier and worked himself into an absolute rage,” the source told the Enquirer.

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He allegedly then went to the house, pounded on the door and no one answered. A few minutes later, Nicole opened the door a few with a knife in her hand.

O.J. told the producer, “she was yelling go away! Go away! And waving the knife around at me. At one point she was lunging at me with the knife and I was just trying to talk to her. Nicole stepped out of the apartment – slashing the knife in the air.”

This is when Simpson claims he lost complete control.

‘”I was in such a rage that something just snapped. I couldn’t take her constant taunting of me with other men or her using drugs and drinking while my kids were living with her. I went beserk.”

Simpson then went on to describe the gruesome murder.

“Before I knew what I was doing I took the knife away from Nicole and started slashing at her. I cut her over and over again until she was lifeless. I was shocked at my own anger – I had killed the woman I had loved for so long.”

He also admitted to murdering Ron Goldman when he showed up and found Nicole’s lifeless body on the floor.

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The yet to be confirmed story breaks just a week after Oprah said that her dream is to have Simpson tell the truth about that June 12th, 1994 night.

The murder, which took place 17 years ago, split the nation along racial lines when Simpson was acquitted in 1995 in what many called the “Trial of the Century.”

Split-screens were shown across the country of whites disgusted with the decision, while groups of Blacks were seen cheering on the acquittal.

Simpson is currently serving a nine-year sentence at Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Centre, after he was convicted of robbery and kidnapping in Las Vegas in October 2008.

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Update 1:10 P.M:

Oprah representatives quashed the rumor today that O.J. Simpson has confessed to murdering Nicole Brown Simpson, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The report was broken by the UK Daily Mail and the National Enquirer. Both sites claimed that Simpson told a producer his confession. No major news organizations have reported on the alleged confession.

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Earlier this week, Winfrey said that her dream is to have Simpson confess on her show.

“And I am going to make that happen people,” she said. “I don’t just want the interview. I want the interview on the condition that you are ready, Mr. Simpson.”


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