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On July 1st @wizardcud’s “Cud Life Tour” (With @Chip216) made a stop here in Cleveland. Anxious fans lined up as early as 3pm to witness the wizardry for themselves . Joining the crowd around 5pm myself, then dealing with issues from the flash seats at the Quickens Loans Arena I was amazed that I had a pretty good view of the stage.

Chip opened the show, he performed some tracks from Gift Raps, as well as some of his older stuff. Chip did a great job of getting the crowd hype for Cudi. He applauded those who were contributing to the smoke clouds consuming the arena. By the time Chip wrapped up everyone (smoker or non-smoker) was faded and ready to rock with Mr. Rager.

Cudi opened with Revofev, the intro of that song makes it the perfect opening number. “Welcome. Welcome, You, Hey! Cleveland, I am your big brother!” This is the queue for the crowd to go nuts. That, along with that chant like hook the crowd kept repeating made that song a highlight of the night.

Cudi’s singing has improved quite a bit since the last time I saw him live. I was confused at first because he didn’t sound the way that I remembered. He always harmonizes when he performs but this time the pitch was damn near perfect. After Revofev he gave the crowd a bit of a disclaimer saying the songs had been revamped some so they could be performed with a live band.

Cudi’s band is composed of Dot Da Genius (@DotDaGenius) on the keys, F. Sean Martin (@FSEANCC) on guitar, Mike Moore (@MikeMooreDrums) on Drums and DJ Kasloco (@kasloco). If this is the official “2 Be Continuum” band then we should brace ourselves for some amazing things to come.

The show itself was great, the songs were amazing backed by the band. He performed some jams from both his albums and he also reached back in the archives to do a few songs from his A Kid Named Cudi mixtape. Naturally the fans loved it, especially when he began singing Maui Wowie. Cudi was animated Friday, he told the audience that this show was special to him because it was his hometown. He even took a moment to thank the Cleveland fans for always showing love.

“I wen’t through a lot of sh–t and no matter what ya’ll never turned your back on me and I appreciate that shit whole heartedly. I know it’s tough to watch you’re favorite artists, to see them going through some things and you can’t help it. But you all have helped me more than you all know.

I know that besides the fact that we’re from this town that you all connect with me for other reasons. We’re all just trying to f—ing figure it out. Life is just, a crazy f—ing trip, we’re all trying to figure it out. There’s no rule book, there’s no answers, you make you’re own answers.”

Check out the footage from the show below (Spotted @

Chip Tha Ripper – The Entrance @ Cud Life Tour

Kid Cudi – Revofev @ Cud Life Tour

Kid Cudi – Marijuana @ Cud Life Tour

Kid Cudi & Chip – Higher @ Cud Life Tour

Kid Cudi – Man On The Moon @ Cud Life Tour

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