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A new poll conducted by BlackPlanet/NewsOne shows that 77 percent of African Americans believe that drug screening should be required for those applying for welfare benefits.

The poll, which had over 1,600 respondents, detailed how many African Americans believe if employers can drug test you for a job, the government should be able to do so for public assistance programs. Only 23 percent of African-Americans disagreed with the drug testing requirement. Many believe if you drug test for a social program such as welfare, you should do the same for others such as Medicaid and food stamps. Others mentioned the high unemployment rate in the country, and the public’s dependence on programs such as welfare to survive.

Recently, Florida passed a law requiring all welfare applicants to submit to drug testing. The applicants would have to pay for the test — and if they were to pass — they would be reimbursed the amount and granted welfare. If they fail, they amount they paid to take the exam would not be refunded.

Thirty-nine percent of African Americans are currently on welfare. Whites account for 38 percent of welfare recipients; and Hispanics and Asians account for the rest of recipients at 17 and 4 percent respectively.


Should welfare recipients be drug-screened?