More public places transformed into Sunday house of worship
Churches are holding worship services in public places with greater regularity than some might think. It is not uncommon today to see portable church signs outside public buildings and schools on Sundays.
Thousands of believers today are gathering more often in public schools, skating rinks, parks and empty buildings to avoid the financial burden.
As additional housing opens and property rental fees go up, churches often rent non-traditional spaces until they can build a permanent facility or develop a congregation large enough to support one.
However, some Americans continue to fight over the place of religion making the debate between church and state one of the more recent battlegrounds in the public forum.
Critics, including the courts, are concerned that making arrangements for churches to worship in public places is unconstitutional.
One such case involves a religious group in New York’s Bronx borough that is fighting to use a local school for Sunday religious services.
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SOURCE: The Christian Post
R. Leigh Coleman